Dynamic Powerful Energy Ring
Dynamic Powerful Energy (云圛如意) These clouds provide energy in the dynamic environment ..
Everlasting positive energy
Tiger's Spirit Ring
Tiger's Spirit (凌虎雄威) ..
Waking Up the Dragon Ring
Waking Up the Dragon (昇龍吐珠) The design manifests the spirit of the dragon at the core of a..
Lord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings (臥云指圜) You control your “ Chi ” and therefore control your surroundings...
Full Moon, Wonderful Flowers Ring
  Full Moon, Wonderful Flowers (花好月圓) This piece illustrates a totally round moon..
The Monkey King
The Monkey King (齊天大聖) In Chinese culture,  the monkey king is the symbol of intell..
The Monkey King : "Journey to the West" (美猴王 孫悟空) In Chinese culture,  the monkey k..
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