I am an artist with nearly 20 years of various production, advertising,
and graphic design experience. In 2005, I created my own brand,
"Nerosilver Artwork", to focus exclusively on silver accessory design
and creation.
We believe that it takes time to create perfect artwork. The spirit of
Nerosilver Artwork is of continuous new creations each with a limited
Every item is handmade with careful attention to detail. Every design
has its own unique and distinguished personality. The inspiration for
my creations is modern Chinese style - a combination of delicacy,
style, and classic Oriental touches.


Ancient Chinese culture has created incredible beauty. China has grown for more than 8,000 years along the banks of two main rivers. This deep history has cultivated many different cultures, with many ceremonies and rituals consisting of offerings to the gods or emperors. Every dynasty had multiple cultures, each of which created multiple patterns for these offerings. Like many Egyptian relics, these offerings can have a mysterious nature to them. However, at their core, these objects were all for similar purposes such as prosperity, happiness, peace, and love for country and all generations of the family. Each pattern has a separate inspiration, for example, needed rains, a successful harvest, or peaceful lifestyle. Artists from each era pass down the wisdom from generation to generation. As a result, Chinese people have this history ingrained in their blood. I am putting this background of culture and my ancestors into my creations in order to pass it down to others. My creations are not simply objects, they carry the feeling of blessings. These are the main inspirations for my work.


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